JULY 7 - 13, 2012. Dunedin, New Zealand


RACE ONE - Make A Wish (red tickets, red jaffa's)
First Place = 04639 sold in Tauranga
Second Place = 16225 sold in Dunedin
Third Place = 00918 sold in Hamilton
Fourth Place = 24463 sold in Auckland
Fifth Place = 16470 sold in Auckland

RACE TWO - Surf Life Saving NZ (yellow tickets, yellow jaffa's)
First Place = 13671 sold in Dunedin
Second Place = 01730 sold in Dunedin
Third Place = 04396 sold in Dunedin
Fourth Place = 23552 sold in Dunedin
Fifth Place = 13765 sold in Dunedin

RACE THREE - Parents Centre NZ (purple tickets, blue jaffa's)
First Place = 24394 sold in Dunedin
Second Place = 03700 sold in Taupo
Third Place = 14735 sold in Dunedin
Fourth Place = 19853 sold in Dunedin
Fifth Place = 24275 sold in Dunedin

Cadbury Jaffa Race

Cadbury® Jaffa® Race - Friday 18 July, 2014

Roll up for the big roll down! The iconic event of the Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival is back! Watch Cadbury Giant Jaffas scramble down Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world. Stare in awe as they come bouncing toward you, hurtling on their exhilarating high-speed journey.

The famous Cadbury Jaffa Race is an event not to be missed! The excitement starts to build at the World’s Steepest Street Party with loads of family fun, music and entertainment. At 12:30pm three Cadbury Jaffa Races will be run with up to 25,000 Cadbury Jaffas in each race.  Watch them hurtle, jump and jostle down Baldwin Street, it's a sight you just have to see to believe.

Grab a free bus to get down to the action early. The buses will shuttle between Baldwin Street and the Dunedin iSite, 26 Princes St regularly from 10.45am until 2.00pm.

Baldwin Street

Dunedin is home to the steepest public street in the world. Baldwin Street has a gradient of 1 in 2.86 at its steepest section, a 38% grade, and is officially recognised in the Guinness Book of Records.

Baldwin Street runs off a main road just minutes from the centre of the city. The little street inclines gently then rears up dramatically only to stop abruptly on the hillside after 34 houses.

The Cadbury Jaffa Race has been run down the world’s steepest street, Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, since 2002.

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Terms & Conditions

Jaffa Race Terms & Conditions click here

For further information on the recipient charities, please visit:

 Parents Centre  or  Surf Life Saving  or  Make-a-Wish 

Cadbury Jaffa Race tickets

This year our three recipient charities: Make a Wish, Surf Life Saving NZ and Parents Centre NZ organised three races of up to 25,000 Cadbury Giant Jaffas ready to roll down Baldwin Street.

For each race every Cadbury Giant Jaffa is individually numbered by hand.  Numbers 1 to 25,000 are printed and each number is stuck onto one Cadbury Giant Jaffa.

For every Cadbury Giant Jaffa there is a numbered ticket with the same number.  Tickets will be available for purchase throughout New Zealand.

The money raised with the sale of each ticket is kept by and directly benefits the organisation selling the ticket.

All the Cadbury Giant Jaffas are released from the top of Baldwin Street, Dunedin, the steepest street in the world.

The Cadbury Giant Jaffa’s are channelled into a gate at the finish line. The first five through the gate are winners!

Cadbury Jaffas

Cadbury Jaffas are round balls of orange candy coated chocolate confectionery

Cadbury Jaffas have been manufactured and sold in the New Zealand market since 1931. They quickly became so popular that Kiwis abroad often phoned home asking to be sent another box. Every Kiwi knows the fun of rolling a Jaffa in their mouth and experiencing the unique orange and chocolate taste.

Dunedin is the proud home of Cadbury Jaffas. When we produce these delicious sweets , orange and chocolate aromas waft throughout the Cadbury factory and Cumberland St.

 The Cadbury factory in Dunedin produced nearly 112 tonne of Cadbury Jaffas in 2011.


The Cadbury Jaffa Race has been run down the world’s steepest street, Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, since 2002.

Since then, over $500,000 has been raised for local charities including Cure Kids, Canteen, Dunedin Kindergarten Association, The Malcam Charitable Trust, The Otago Community Hospice, primary schools throughout Otago and Southland and nationally through Parents centre NZ Inc.

Ticket Outlets

For Make A Wish Jaffa Race ticket sales, click here

For Parents Centre Jaffa Race ticket sales, click here 

For Surf Life Saving Jaffa Race ticket sales, click here

Tickets are onsale now at Cadbury World reception, 
280 Cumberland Street, Dunedin